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Welcome to Goose Down Outfitters

of Western Nebraska

Hunt the most unbelievable fields in Nebraska

At Goose Down Outfitters you will be hunting in some of the most unbelievable fields in Western Nebraska.  In the last ten years the goose hunting in the Nebraska panhandle has absolutely exploded. The number of birds wintering in the area is just simply amazing! The greater Canada geese are the predominant birds, but we do also winter a number of the lessers as well as thousands of mallards. We cover a 20 mile stretch along the North Platte River. The river is the main roosting area for waterfowl during the cold winter months. With several different ground level pits to choose from we will put you on the birds. Our pits are located in food sources as well as resting fields that have proven to be outstanding locations.

We will provide top of the line decoys, blinds, dogs, calling and breakfast cooked in the pit. Our guides are incredible on their short reed calls. All of our blinds are ground level, heated 4 to 8 man pit blinds that provide the best concealment possible. Our decoy spreads consist of Big Foot full bodies, GHG full bodies, and the GHG oversized shells, many of which are fully flocked. We use the best equipment available to increase your chances for a successful hunt. We take pride in getting the birds up close and personal.

A day afield!

Our day will begin by meeting you at your hotel or The Lodge approximately 1 hour before legal shooting time depending on where we are going to hunt for the day. We ask that you (the hunters) help set out the decoys in the morning before the hunt starts. If you wish to not help set out decoys let us know in advance.


The geese never see the exact same spread twice!

The decoys can be set up in 30 minutes or less with 4 guys depending on how many decoys we choose to put out on that particular day. We generally hunt with 10 to 25 dozen decoys.

What you will need!

You must have your license and stamps purchased before you come to hunt!!!

  • Nebraska hunting license – (may be purchased online)
  • State waterfowl stamp – (may be purchased online)
  • Federal waterfowl stamp – (must be purchased at a sporting goods store or a post office)
  • HIP number – (FREE online or call 1-877-634-8687)
  • Shotgun – (20 GA or larger recommended)
  • Ammo – (#2, BB, BBB, or T shot recommended.  Steel shot only!)
  • Warm clothes, boots, and gloves – (No bright colors please! Camo or light brown)

Make your online purchases now at:

All Hunters will be required to sign a General Release and Waiver of all Claims Agreement against Goose Down Outfitters, the land owners/lessors, and it's employees.

Safety is very important to us here at Goose Down Outfitters!
Before the hunt, we will go through the safety rules that all hunters will be required to follow.
Let's hunt safe so we can live to hunt another day!